Milled Vs. Handcrafted Logs

We get the same question quite a few times a month when talking to log home owners and people interested in getting a log home. What's the difference between milled log and handcrafted logs. Well lets jump right into it!

How Homes Become Green

  • Look to more durable roof coverings such as integrate asphalt shingles, standing-seam metal roofing, slate or concrete tiles and solar roofing products, steel and fiber cement to reduce the frequency of roof replacement.
  • Energy efficient windows incorporating advanced technologies like Insul lowE2 Argon Gas glazing, warm wood interiors and maintenance free exteriors with heavy-duty extruded aluminum cladding to keep heat inside in the winter & outside in the summer.

Tips On Green Efficiency

SITE - Make the most of your site's natural features, considering sun and wind. Especially in cold climates, plan a good amount of southern exposure, since the south side receives almost three times the sunlight as other sides. Minimize glass on the north, east and west, but remember to let in some light to balance. Deciduous trees on the south block hot summer sun, but are leafless in the winter to let the sunshine in. In hot climates, shield the house from effects of direct sunlight, both for comfort and for air-conditioning efficiency.



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