NC Sunset Builders & Millbrook Log Homes of Waynesville, NC

We specialize in the following services:

  • Custom Builder's of Log Homes
  • Timber Frame Homes
  • Hybrid Homes With A Conventional Flare
  • Private Real Estate Development
  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Development Management
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings

NC Sunset Builders & Millbrook Log Homes of Waynesville, NC Combines to give you a Superior Full Service Log Home Management Team that will work for you nationwide.

(828) 926-4173

Our Services include the following:

  1. Log Home Builders that will work nationwide.
  2. Log Home Builders that will build any Log Home Package of Materials from any Log Home Company.
  3. Log Home Dry-Ins any stage of Completion.
  4. Complete General Contracting Services including complete engineering and Log Home Turnkeys.
  5. One Company, One Contract, Complete guaranteed budget cost upfront. Materials and Builders warranties all under same contact.
  6. No more than two people to talk to for entire project.
  7. Guaranteed Times of Completion.

(828) 926-4173


PO Box 810
Waynesville, North Carolina, 28786


Sunset Builders of North Carolina, Inc. produces beautiful home construction and home additions.

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